The ubiquitous nature of technology has allowed unfiltered information to be streamed to our gadgets.


Therefore whom you follow on social media applications matter. After all, your network is your networth!


Our suggestions thus include users who are clearly successful in real life to those with simply, happy posts. In terms of impacting you financially, your following has to include real-life investors and businessmen.


 1. The Investor


This user could be a close friend of yours or even your boss. In short, this user will post investment types, plus the gains and losses from each of them. Advice may be shared. You can tell that this user is usually teachable, resilient with the shortcomings and also humble with the wins.


What you will see:

  • Graphs
  • Investment-related books which he read to gain more knowledge, is currently reading or intends to read
  • Photograph with a speaker at a free seminar on investment
  • Finance-related inspiring quotes
  • Selfie of him drinking beer to celebrate his recent gain
  • Valuable advice in reply to other users’ investment-related comments and thoughtful questions


However, be wary that this individual do not share the same capital and life experiences as you do. You can view his or her posts and check with a certified trader or investor to understand the suggested investments’ risks. Follow an investor to simply remind you to check on your investments regularly or rethink your strategies. You must never follow the investor’s investments if you have not experienced the learning process.


2. The Traveller


If you cannot go on a holiday, let travellers take you on a vacation via virtual means.

What you will see:

  • Ocean waves
  • Time-lapse of sunsets
  • Selfie with coconut
  • We-fies with loved ones

They are the must-have people to follow because they remind you to relax and always find time for leisure; imperative to your well-being. Plus, their family photographs will make you green with envy that your ‘sin fund’ is under-utilized to bring the loved ones for some fun and sun.


3. The Photographer


Be inspired by photographers on Instagram! Their feeds are filled with stunning photographs – with or without a theme. If you are an investor, you can pick up on their common characteristic of always trying something new. They radiate their sense of creativity and freshness for every batch of photographs.


Photographers can be trying a new lens, while you try out a new investment type such as income investing. Photographers can be trying a new filter, while you try out a new investment platform like TOS.


Essentially, photographers teach you to see the world from another perspective. It is similar to an experienced investor who teaches you to rethink the investment world from his or her point of view. Besides, they teach you how to take, edit and upload great photographs on your social media!


4. The One with Style


Follow people with their own impeccable styles. You can find your sense of style from there, and even learn to groom yourself well. They range from makeup artists to real-life stylists, hairdressers and fashion designers.


Male friends suggest @gentlemanual and @onedapperstreet. They feature men in tailored suits with polished shoes. These users even give two cents about shoe- or tie-matching to overall outfit, according to colour, fabric and design. I refer to @lookbook to view #ootds from users of all walks of life, internationally.


Besides, there are some users who have a great sense of style in designing their Instagram feed. Great examples are letterer @jasminedowling and stylist @signebay. Hues you would see on @jasminedowling ‘s feed are black, grey and white. Purple, blue and red are the main hues for @signebay. I’ll let all mentioned users’ pictures do the talking.


5. The Businessman


Businessmen uploads photographs relating to their work and or work in progress. 90% of posts revolve around what they do and why they love what they are doing.

Who to follow, you ask?


From Posh Spice to fashion entrepreneur, this lady is a phenomenon. Victoria Beckham uploads relevant photographs.

What you will see:

  • her work-life balance through family photographs
  • runway models handpicked for Singapore Fashion Week 2015
  • #vbaviators #vbdresses #vbdenim
  • selfie with David Beckham to prove they are still together (after 11 years!)
  • selfie to prove how you cannot look effortlessly stunning at 41 as her

She once mentioned that she wanted to be a world brand, and that she is out of showbiz. Therefore, Instagram is the only platform, that she can use for others to see her fruits of labour, and how she’s doing. It’s very inspiring to see such a celebrity actually living her life just like we do.


The difference between Victoria Beckham and us, is that she is definitely not sitting on a sofa now writing/reading an article. She’s on-the-go, applying all the knowledge she gained from such articles or books into her action plans.


As the saying goes, “You can tell a lot about the person by the moments he captures.”

Following such individuals remind you of your ideal self, your perseverance during thriving times and possibly your own business.



Thus, do note the imperativeness of a good following. This group of suggested users will feed you with photographs that add to your imagination, financial planning and cheeriness. They may even influence you to redesign your Instagram feed. However, let them inspire you in terms of emulating them and or rethinking your ideal life out of the virtual world.




Jade Lee is the Chief Editor of Giants Learning Technologies. Her life purpose is to help; thus committing to youths like herself through articles regarding early financial planning. Jade graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic where she attained a Diploma with Merit in Early Childhood Education, having dedicated three years in understanding preschool children. Under a scholarship, she reads Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Nanyang Technological University. Jade is also a commercial model and engages in Hip-Hop dance. Find out more about her insights via



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