About Us

“If I had seen farther than others, it was because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.”  – SIR ISAAC NEWTON

Empowering businesses by building a closer customer community through digital marketing and close customer engagement.

Giants Learning Technologies (GLT) is a bespoke training and coaching firm specializing in the niche area of Personal and Wealth Mastery. Giants provides personal and professional development to people by empowering them with relevant life and investment skills so that they can reach their worthwhile goals. Giants is humbled to be awarded the Promising SME Business Luminary in 2013, as well as Bronze in “Most Preferred Financial Educator” in the prestigious Annual ShareInvestor Awards 2017.

With Giants’ network of collaborative business partners, these infopreneurs are immediately placed on a ‘all-systems-go’ platform


Live Free. The VISION of GIANTS is to enrich every entity in contact with us with the virtues of living free. We envision a future for you – that of living healthily, living wealthily, and ultimately living freely.


The MISSION of GIANTS is to empower 99.99% of our community to achieve a 99.99% success rate, through proven and tested investment methodologies, so as to reach their investment and financial independence  goals



  • We walk the talk
  • We only want to coach people who are serious in desiring change in their lives


  • We learn and unlearn our methods so that we always remain ahead of the knowledge curve.


  • We measure our graduates’ and our performances through meticulous tracking of results and feedback


  • We aim to nurture a close-knitted family of like-minded and like-activity graduates.
  • By understanding their needs, the appropriate strategies can be catered for them to reach their worthwhile goals.


  • We strive to continuously break out of our comfort zones, and to raise the bars of our success levels