Last year on Deepavali, my Indian friend received $2 – $15, like how we Chinese do, on Chinese New Year. “From well-to-do families, a child can receive up to $50 in one packet! It’s called ‘Moiyi Kaasu’ which basically means money to spend on yourself.”


Timely for Education

Festive times are best for teaching kids the value of money and thus, proper money handling. Whether it’s the Lunar New Year, Hari Raya or Deepavali, these are the only times of the year that children are exposed to large sums of money –  well, large for kids. It could buy them bags and bags of candies.

A greater sense of responsibility can thus be instilled into children in handling angpaos, besides just handing it over for keeping. After a certain age, a child reaches the age of accountability.

Since young, my parents taught me how to manage my angpao stashes. They challenge my purpose of saving money in hopes that I will always remember the true value of it: “It is to pay for your education in the future. As you grow up, your secondary school, tertiary school and university fees will be more expensive.”

Don’t underestimate your children’s language abilities. Start using simple financial jargon at an early age. The answer also states a realistic goal instead of “for buying whatever you want when you grow up.” The former encourages the child to spend wisely, and what is important to use your money for. The latter simply encourages spending.


Enough meh?

Inculcate your flesh and blood with financial management skills and never will they repeat your financial mistakes. I refer to an article published by Bryna Singh (2015). OCBC bank found a rising trend for deposits of angpao money in kids’ accounts. The increment is $522 from 2010 to $800++ that an average child receives to date. That is a lot more money than most of us used to handle as kids, which only makes the responsibility of educating the kids, that much more important.

As your children get older, you can educate them further about making angpao money work harder for them. This may include moving their money over to a bank with higher interests or simply kick-start some investment plans together. Let them start younger than you did, for they’ll only benefit more than you!


Let children understand that festive money can be set aside for the long-term. Teach them how to make this money transform into their emergency funds, insurance premiums and/or their own investments in the future. As the money grows with their age, they’ll only benefit more financially and in maturity as a person. That is the true luck from angpaos.


Giants Learning Technologies would like to wish you a Happy Lunar New Year!

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Jade Lee is the Chief Editor of Giants Learning Technologies. Her life purpose is to help; thus committing to youths like herself through articles regarding early financial planning. Jade graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic where she attained a Diploma with Merit in Early Childhood Education, having dedicated three years in understanding preschool children. Under a scholarship, she reads Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Nanyang Technological University. Jade is also a commercial model and engages in Hip-Hop dance. Find out more about her insights via