Markets have been all over the place this week!

This has left many traders and investors fearing for their trade positions and what to do with their portfolios.


Should we still go into this market and is it risky?

The answer is yes, and here’s why.

I’ve always said to the people that I meet: when it comes to the stock market, one has to find that one true way to grow your portfolio.

Many investors underestimate the test of human logic because they fail to realize the simplicity of our decisions. Simply making sense, is the first step, and is vital to how we get things done on a daily basis.

Mistakes can be made and things may be forgotten. But the damage must be repairable so that one can continue to go on without giving up on what they have built towards financial freedom.

IMPossible Investors ended this crazy market week, closing off #303 wins out of #305 Completed Live Trades in Altria Group which plummeted in the wake of market concerns.

Locked in 2.5% returns in 2 weeks on another IMPossible-approved stock – one that is on a list of hundreds of others, a list that only our IMPossible investors have 🙂

We took the craziness with grace and locked in another 1.63% return deal with Coca-Cola as well. Yes, in the past week.

IMPossible Investors started May with 3 Sales for the week and locked in 3 more IMPossible trades in a week many others have opted to stay out.


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