CNBC recently released a video on “How Practical It Is to Live On Bitcoin in 2017”. Personally, I think it should be a question. “How practical is it to live on bitcoin in 2017?”

While the rest are trying to gain an edge over the value investors and letting people know why value investing is no longer the same as before.

Worst are those who blatantly copy what others have to say about value investors without even quoting the original source and claiming it as their own words.


They have failed to realize that the fight is no longer with value but with crypto now.

Value was never bad just too time consuming and returns that never matched the time spent for the work you put in just to find the stock that is undervalued. There is no longer a fight with value today just because value is no longer the same as the past, for information efficiency allows for the opportunity to exist.

This is much like how floor traders use to have an edge over retail traders who trade in front of a computer screen and unaware of the ongoing on the floor. This edge no longer exist today because how how ready information is available to retail traders.

So why waste time on a fight that no longer exist and more so when the market conditions are not for value to benefit with outsize returns?Now…onto the real fight


With crypto you will begin to spot the trainers who operate more like “I-know-it-all-gurus” than true mentors who cares about what they impart.

With crypto:
– You will see the herd like mentality where everyone thinks they can strike it rich!
– Everything thinks they are getting in early now for the next crisis that comes will bring glory to crypto and what it stands for.
– The “strike it big” dream is once again glorified.
– Once cannot even achieve the simple necessity need to survive let alone talking about fade and what’s the in thing now
– Everything you pay for is priced in at a premium as compared to cash which simply shouts don’t try to be cool if you cannot afford to be!

So until the day crypto is the go-to currency in countries which lack their own local currency stability like how USD is still now despite everything the US has done with the USD.

Need supplies the demand and demand drives the supply so until the wide acceptance of retail is with crypto then crypto is just another “growth stock” alike waiting to burst out with valuations in no mans land.

Will the asset catch up with the valuation put onto it right now? Who knows? But the only thing I know would be that its definitely not prudent to do so with money that you do not have to spare.

Is it not just the same euphoria thats buzzing around like the latest technology that is developed?

Well call me traditional if you like but investing should be run like a business and should always be.

With investing:

– The investor should be in control of their money just like how a great biz owner would be on top of things with their own biz.
– One can never let making money be part of a “hope” but more of a certainty you can be assured of.

The IMPossible Investor ensures they are in control of all decisions from the very beginning.

The IMPossible Investor takes just 5 seconds to approve of the right stock and a further 5 minutes to know the right price to be acquire it for.

The IMPossible Investor is only interested in one thing which is results.

Results = Cashflow

Cashflow means an income stream you can begin to depend on.

Cash is king
and at least when it comes to investments it remains so.

Investing should be about saying the IMPossible is just simply I’MPossible.