drop them in, and keep them out of sight.

If you take a close look at your paycheck, do you notice a lot of deductions before you get to the amount you can cash or put in the bank?

Surely, there are deductions for charities of some sort or giro bill payments. It’s money that’s out of your paycheck before you have a chance to make decisions about it.

Money set aside for wealth building should be treated in the same way. Create your own automatic savings plan.

Invest in a strategy that diverts your money towards a income building component.

It will be taken out of your paycheck automatically.

See if your company will deposit your paycheck directly into your bank account — or promise yourself to do it the day you receive the check. Then sign up for an automatic monthly deduction plan with a mutual fund company or endowments with a insurance company to get your money away from you as soon as it is given to you.

The whole point is to get the money out of your checking account before you see it and spend it.