discard the evils of these cards.

Your money can work for you when you make the right decisions. It can also work very strongly against you.

The classic example is credit-card debt. An example: if a person who charges $2,000 on a credit card at 19.8% interest and a $40 annual fee. If you make only the minimum monthly payments (and many people do just that), it will take you 31 years and two months to pay off the balance! And along the way, you’ll pay an additional $8,202 in finance charges.

What could be so important to charge today that it puts you in debt for a period far longer than the object is likely to last?

Most things you charge on your card have a far shorter useful life. They are what we call ‘Stuff’

If you’re already in debt, you should know that if you would only double the minimum monthly payment, you could be out of debt in less than three years.

Paying down current debt is the way to start on the road to building financial freedom.