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“If I had seen farther than others, it was because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.”

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The Income Mastery Programme

Discover How You Can Easily Achieve 30% ROI with a 99% Winning Rate,
& The Strategy To Repair the 1% With A Simple & Systematic Framework

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Born To Close

Discover how Ian closed $1,200,000 sales in just 10 roadshows when he was 19.
And he has only gotten better since then.

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First Week of May 2018 – How Have The Markets Been?

Markets have been all over the place this week! This has left many traders and investors fearing for their trade positions and what to do with their portfolios.   Should we still go into this market and is it risky? The answer is yes, and here’s why....
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Trade War, My Foot!

Are we in a correction phase now? Are we officially in a bear market now? Are we still going to see another new high?

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How Safe Is Cryptocurrency?

CNBC recently released a video on “How Practical It Is to Live On Bitcoin in 2017”. Personally, I think it should be a question. “How practical is it to live on bitcoin in 2017?” While the rest are trying to gain an edge over the value...
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Crafting A Short But Captivating Email To Your ‘Cold’ Recipient

In one of our previous articles on Meeting Important People From The Industry, we talked about how some people are actually scoring meetings with people in the high positions. They do so with the excuse that they’d like to find out more about what the industry’s...
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How positive would your sales be if you had nothing to lose?

Hey sales champ. Do your prospects find you boring and talking too much most of the time?   Recently, during one of my private coaching sessions with my client who’s an insurance agent, I directed this question at him. I was working together with him on a...
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If I had seen farther than others, it was because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.

– Isaac Netwon


We provide personal and professional development to people by empowering them with relevant life skills so that they can reach their worthwhile goals.


People with deep expertise knowledge in what they do. GLT’s expertise is to brand, market and create bespoke speaking seminars and workshops for them, so that the public can enjoy these knowledge.


Learn how to generate consistent and safe weekly income. EXPLORE the proven methods so that you can BUILD your Portfolio slowly.

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