Hey sales champ.

Do your prospects find you boring and talking too much most of the time?


Recently, during one of my private coaching sessions with my client who’s an insurance agent, I directed this question at him.

I was working together with him on a completely revolutionary sales presentation using my proven system, and when we were near completion, he told me…

“Yknow, actually I used to do this. But halfway through, I stopped.”
So I asked him, “why didn’t you continue?”
And he thought for a very long time, before he finally replied… “Cos I didn’t know if it will work.”

I took the chance and I said it upfront to him.

“No, it’s because you’re afraid of losing your prospect. And that’s why you held back being creative, and just follow what other people do. Boring. Same. No different from the next insurance agent that I meet at some roadshow.”

That sentence must’ve stung. But that’s my job as a coach. (If your coach is telling you good stuff or praising you most of the time, then that coach is probably crap… or you don’t need a coach to begin with).

Most people in sales make the mistake of not being creative or not daring to do things differently because they are damn scared of losing their prospect.

“Walau so hard to find prospects these days leh…”
“Cold leads very hard to approach…”
“Warm leads cannot dont close…”

Blah blah blah. So much fear.

Think about it.
How differently would your business be impacted if you knew no fear?

How positive would your sales be if you had nothing to lose?


Take these 2 examples.

Example 1:


Recently, Singapore was hit by this completely unconventional way of selling vehicle insurance (See picture on left). It caught the attention of thousands, and struck fear in many (as they created false alarms of a summon ticket).

But damned, it sure as hell raised the awareness of all their target market – vehicle owners.

That said, would your regular insurance agent dare to pull off such a stunt? No. Why?

Because they are afraid.
Afraid of complaints.
Afraid of too high a cost.
Afraid of “what if people don’t respond.”
Afraid of wasting money.

Example 2:

A while ago I came across this article about this insurance agent in US who did something vastly different.
He saw a vehicle parked in a lot where the meter had ran out of time. So what did he do?

He wrote a note and attached his name card, then left it on that car (see picture on right).

Do you think he’d have won over that car owner? I dunno about you, but I know I would most definitely be won over.
Do you think most insurance agents can do the same too? Most definitely.

How many cars do you see parking “illegally” without coupons, or with coupons that expire already.
Can you deploy the same strategy? You most definitely can.
But do you think most will? No. Why? Because they have too much fear.

Why are salespeople so boring and talk so much all the time? Ask yourself that question. Have a think about it.

How differently would your business be impacted if you knew no fear? How positive would your sales be if you had nothing to lose?
What would you do differently if you knew no fear?

Lemme know in the comments below.

Ian is the Chief Sales Strategist of Giants Learning Technologies, as well as the Founder and Master Trainer of Terebinth Mastery

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