Born To Close

About This Class

Discover how Ian closed $1,200,000 sales in just 10 roadshows when he was 19 … And he has only gotten better since then. Most of our participants increase to an average closing of 70% and reduced their closing cycle by more than 50%.

There is a great difference between selling a product, and why the customer should buy the product.

Here’s a sneak peek into what will be shared in the workshop:

  • Achieve massive sales numbers efficiently with minimal downtime
  • Unleash the best version of the salesperson in you
  • How to read customers’ buying and objection signals, and hit their emotional hot buttons
  • Learn the difference between selling and closing
  • An average of 70% increment in sales closing rates within a week

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About The Trainer

Ian Isaiah Ding

Most of you know him as the Sales Superstar for the $1,200,000 of sales that he closed for Acer Computers Pte Ltd within 10 roadshows before he turned 19 years old.

He is an Accredited Enneagram Personality Teacher and a Certified Master NLP Sales Coach. He specializes in getting results for his clients because he combines the best of theory and real-life experiences for you to achieve the success you want.

Over the years, he has impacted the lives of over 15,000 principals, teachers, parents, students, sales professionals and entrepreneurs just like yourself.

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Here are some companies that he has personally worked with as well.

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Things wasn’t always like this for him. Here’s what sellers do (Take note, because you could be making the same mistake).

They talk. A lot. And they can go on and on and on and on. They enter into sales conversations and that is precisely why they fail.

Sellers make the tragic mistake of falling in love with their own product or service, or possibly even falling in love with themselves. They talk about are product specifics. How good they are. What they can do. How they can achieve certain results by a certain timing.

They assume that just because their product is good, people should automatically buy from them.

And that is why they fail. Because here’s the cold hard truth: In business, it’s not about how good you think your product is – it’s about how good your target audience perceives your product to be.

So, are you a seller, or are you a closer?

Will you be the next sales superstar?

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Here’s what some of our students have to say:

“In Just 1 Week After The 3 Days Training, I Closed 20 Cases…$16,000 Worth of Commissions!”

Before the meeting Ian, I was inexperienced because I was new to the industry and wasn’t well trained but things took a massive turnaround in just 3 day. I mastered how to present to close in just 1 minute and learned the very important skill of transforming objections into commissions.

In just 1 week after the 3 days training, I closed 20 cases… which translated into $16,000 worth of commissions! It felt as though my sales “closing switch” was suddenly turned on!

I would highly recommend this bootcamp to anybody who is serious about raising their closing % and bringing home more income for themselves!

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Michelle Tan,
Financial Planner,
Great Eastern

“I Was About to Give Up on My Career… But After the Training I have Seen a 500% increase in results!”

Ian has not only helped me overcome the difficulties I faced based on my sales personality, he also showed me how to win the inner game of sales – which is extremely crucial because that’s the reason why most salespeople give up!

Thanks to his transformational training, I have gained at least 3 years of sales experience and have seen a 500% increase in my results!

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Jonathan Malcolm DeSouza
Financial Consultant