Income Mastery Programme

Income Mastery Programme

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About This Class

Especially for those who haven’t already realized that dual income alone isn’t going to be enough.

Discover How You Can Easily Achieve 30% ROI with a 99% Winning Rate, & The Strategy To Repair the 1% With A Simple & Systematic Framework

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The Income Mastery Programme allows its students to have a firm grasp on the principles of stocks and options, how to filter out the right stocks to buy and repair trades that have gone bad on them: all these without having to pay the market price for stocks.   

Everyone loves passive income, but most don’t have the time to look for one.

Here’s a sneak peek into what will be shared in the workshop:

  • 2 full days IMPossible Intensive Workshop
    • How to take on investments that require minimal effort, but safe and profitable returns
    • Discover the Reliability of the Arktouros Method that is used to grow your portfolio
    • Know Your Trader Personality and Create The Financial Blueprint that Works For You
    • Learn to Filter Out the Right Stocks To Buy in Under 15 Mins
    • Repair Trades That Go Bad
    • Never Ever Pay Market Price For Stocks Ever Again
    • Discover the Lasting Principles of Income Investing in bearish and bullish markets
    • Create Multiple Streams Of Income All Year Round With Your Stocks
    • Success Mindsets of Successful Investors and the Wealthy
  • Monthly Review Modules*
  • Customised Income Mastery Programme™ Workbook
  • Specially designed IMP Strategy Cheat Sheet ™
  • Annual Income Mastery Graduation Night- Lifetime community support from IMP Graduates Community*T&C’s Apply

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About The Trainer:

Terence Tan as seen on:

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Terence is the Chief Investment Strategist of Giants Learning Technologies Pte. Ltd., and the creator of the First and Only Income Investing Programme in Asia Pacific.

Hi my name is Terence.

For 13 years, I was a boutique fund manager, and began managing sums up to six figures, and generating results for my clients via Stocks, Options, Index, Futures and Forex.

Through many expensive trials and errors, I created a formula that allowed me to profit regardless of market conditions.


Terence Tan IMP_1116_3


As at 28 August 2017, his record stands at 261 out of 263 LIVE Trades,
and at a winning streak of 259 trades in a row.

Through the Income Mastery Programme, I began personally coaching hundreds of income investors in Malaysia, Singapore and more recently, Vietnam. To date, there have been over 1000 graduates joining me in income investing.

I specialize in ensuring that my students profit safely and consistently; even if they don’t have the time to look at it every day, just like you.

The programme has been described many times as “so simple” and “so easy”, that even beginner investors, can do it! Without having to read much graphs and charts, the graduates of this programme are still able to profit easily, without having to worry about ROI even!

Will you be the next IMPossible Investor?

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Hear from our graduates!
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