Technical Mastery Programme

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The Technical Mastery Programme (TMP) is the advanced programme following the Income Mastery Programme (IMP). It covers a wide spectrum of technical analysis, that allows traders to pick up on indications of the possible future in financial markets. Armed with the skills from TMP, students will be able to be more independent in making accurate decisions when making their trades, and can go on to expand their portfolios safely.

The Technical Mastery Programme will help investors decide when is the best time to make a trade on a particular stock, based on stocks momentum. This is achieved by learning how to:
1. Read candlestick charts & the psychology behind it
2. Use candlestick charts to improve trading accuracy
3. Analyze support and resistance of a stock
4. Decide the best and safest level to sell options
5. Analyze overall market conditions before trading


Seasoned income investors who want to further sharpen their investing skills.


  • One day workshop to acquire Whiz Momentum Trading skills
  • Three months access to TMP Community to further discuss and sharpen your technical analysis skills
  • Three months access to a specially created Wize Technical Screener to create monthly/weekly income.
  • Live trade suggestions based on Whiz Momentum Method
  • Weekly market outlook through Webinar / Facebook write up for three months
  • Bi-Weekly Webinar to further discuss Options Selling, Technical Analysis & other advanced strategies

Whiz Technical Analysis Workshop Modules – “The Whiz Momentum Trading Methodology”

  1. Introduction to technical analysis: Common concept and misconception about technical analysis.
  2. Reversal Region: How to identify region where buying / selling interest peaks.
  3. Whiz FATA Trading: Time your entry on a fundamentally right stock and allow your money to work harder and faster for you.
  4. Whiz Trend Momentum Trading: Identify stocks momentum in a trend and how to capitalize on it.
  5. Whiz Crash Momentum Trading: Identify the change in momentum on crashing stocks
  6. Whiz Monthly/Weekly Income: When and How to sell options, and create explosive weekly/monthly income based on Whiz Trend & Whiz Crash Trading
  7. The Whiz Concept of repairing options
  8. One Click Trading: Introducing the Wize Technical Screener

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Founder & Director of Wealth Wizard Academy
Co-founder & Chief Investment Manager of First Traders Network

He is well known for the trading method that he has devised, Wize Stocks Momentum Trading. This method allows traders to be able to spot indications of market changes just before its bullish run.

Through investing, he has achieved financial freedom and now spends most of his time maintaining his own million-dollar investment portfolios which generate over five figures in monthly income for himself. Senthil strongly believes in building a solid rainy day fund, and the importance of passive income. In 2005, he was inspired to begin investing when the company worked for, announced a retrenchment exercise. He started out his investment journey in the Malaysian market, and through much trial and error, teachings from experienced traders and a myriad of investment books, Senthil now has more than 12 years of trading experience in stocks and 10 years with stock options, futures and commodities.

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