Unlocking The Golden Goose

The Mythical Golden Goose has been the stuff of many legends.This is because the Golden Goose is rumoured to lay GOLDEN EGGS.

As a result, many people also desire a Financial Investment or Business that allows them to receive Golden Eggs daily, weekly, and yearly . . . wouldn’t you?

We are quite fortunate that we possess such an Investment right under our very nose!

Unlocking Your Golden Goose 
Hard Truths about Your CPF and SRS
That’s right! Do you know that your CPF is one such Golden Goose?

Love it or Curse at it, the hard truth is that your CPF is here to stay.

And once you understand the mechanics behind this, this ‘golden goose’ can help you in many ways!

Since you are already working hard to beat rising inflation and low wage increases, you may be interested to discover how you can make your cash inside your CPF account work harder for you!

In this FREE ‘Unlocking Your Golden Goose’ Seminar, the hard truths on how you can utilise your CPF and SRS will be unveiled to you. . . 

Let Matthew Chew, our Wealth Strategist, and his team, share with you their insights on this REMARKABLE Wealth System that our Government has created for us.

Matthew and his team, have dedicated their time and effort in reaching out to hundreds of participants over the past years. They have the capabilities to understand your queries and needs.
  • Discover How You can Make Your CPF and SRS work harder for you
  • Reduce your Tax Bill by up to 56%!
  • Use this session to take MASSIVE ACTION
  • ALL participants will also receive 4 weeks issue of The Edge Singapore-Business and Investment Weekly worth $20!
About the Programme Provider
Matthew Chew is currently the Chief Game Strategist at Giants Learning Technologies Pte. Ltd. He is also the Lead Strategist in the conduct of Wealth programs.

In his early education, Matthew was a zealous sportsman. He was the Water Polo and Swimming Captain in both St. Andrew’s School and St. Andrew’s Junior College.

During that time, he represented Singapore as a player in the Singapore Youth Team and the National Squad. During his National Service tenure in the Singapore Police Force, he participated and oversaw the organization of parades, ceremonies as well as sports tournaments. He then went on to further his studies in the National University of Singapore.

During his tertiary education stint, he was the NUS Water Polo Captain and championed the establishment of the inaugural NUS – Great Eastern Water Polo Challenge in 2009. He then co-championed the subsequent annual editions of the inter-varsity-polytechnic challenge as Team Manager and Team Advisor.

He has led his teams to numerous championships and sporting awards in the NUS sports arena.

During his tertiary education tenure, he started Giants Learning Technologies, then known as The Age of Giants. He has also since practiced in the financial services sector, and established several business initiatives over the recent years.