Trading Accuracy: Over 80%
ROI: Over 20%

Meet Uncle Foo! He’s been with us for 2 years, and used his retirement fund as his capital for his trades. Now, the profits generated are self-sustaining for his capital, and he no longer needs to fund the account!

Uncle Foo generated USD$70,000 in just the past 2 years that he has been with us.

Trading Accuracy: 80%
His goal: “To sharpen my options trading skills.”


Trading Accuracy: Over 100%
ROI: Over 40%

Meet Florence! She’s one of our Top 10 Investors of 2017, and she came in with a mean swing! In just 8 months, she has closed 196 trades, with a 100% win rate. 😱

We asked what was her winning strategy. “I just followed everything that you taught”.

Most of all, she made it through the partial market correction in February 2018.

I’m from batch of Mar 2017 and started trading in May.

No. of active trading months as at December 2017: 8
No. of trades opened: 198
No. of trades closed: 196 (2 trades for expiry in 19 Jan)
No. of trades assigned: 3 (held stocks and sold for profit)
No. of trades repaired: 23 (all closed with profit)

Thank you Terence for your guidance and coaching through my IMPossible journey. Thank you IMP community for the selfless sharing and encouragement. Thank you team for the logistics support. Been a fulfiling year, look forward to a kaching 2018!


Trading Accuracy: Over 90%
ROI: Over 40%

Meet Jordan the scientist! He is 30 this year, and was only 28 when he joined us. His story is like so many others that we’ve heard: he lost thousands of dollars dabbling in the stock market. But merely one year later, he has a brand new story to tell. He made $15,000 USD and is now one of our Top 10 investors of 2017. Luck? Nope. Income Mastery Programme.


Trading Accuracy: Over 90%
ROI: Over 30%

In December 2017, my goal was to quit my day-time job with the IMP’s revenue being self-sustaining. All while not sacrificing my time to stare at charts and screens daily.

18 months ago, I was blown away – not by intimidating jargons or promises, but by a simple strategy that was logical and reasonable.

I’m using the strategy to manage a pool of funds for my family.

– Simple
– Flexible
– Proven record to get rich slowly

What trust would I put into a strategy to invest not just my money, but also my family’s?

In 18 months with over 90% accuracy in my trades, I finally achieved this goal in March 2018

It still continues to amaze me with the continuous support that Terence and the community provides.