There are aplenty reasons why we should start investing now. Inflation, retirement plans and living the dream life are some examples.


Let’s look at the three most important ones. Will these reasons wake you up?


   Firstly, do it for experience. If you have a small amount to invest, just start anyway and start with income investing because you need as little as USD500, equivalent to SGD600. If losses are made, do not fuss for no other investments out there guarantees you winnings all the time too. The vital thing about investment is gaining experience. Think of the big picture and how your small investments now matter a great deal in the long run.

Such losses are just small amounts to pay in return for more knowledge and honed skills to make millions and manage further risks in future.


Secondly, do it for time. Time is money, money is time.

The fundamental concept of investing is to sacrifice your expenses in the present and gain more back from your investments in future. The nuts and bolts of how such is achieved is that your money compounds in your entire investment period. Your interests are earned based on your interests in the investment type, duration of the investment and capital input.

The longer the duration of your investments, the more your money works for you and grows.


Thirdly, do it for yourself. Our folks are not going to be here to take care of our own lives and finances forever to get us out when things get tough and money is limited. No one can learn how to invest on behalf of ourselves, will save for our own retirement or leave a fortune for us.

Now, it is time to be responsible for our own life and to take care of our own money.

Only you are in control of your financial destiny. Start by investing.

Let money and more money work for you now, rather than you work for it, and you are on your way to being financially independent.


Jade Lee is the Chief Editor of Giants Learning Technologies. Her life purpose is to help; thus committing to youths like herself through articles regarding early financial planning. Jade is an alumnus of Ngee Ann Polytechnic where she attained a Diploma with Merit in Early Childhood Education, having dedicated three years in understanding preschool children. Under a scholarship, she reads Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Nanyang Technological University. Jade is also a commercial model and engages in Hip-Hop dance. Find out more about her insights via


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