25 April 2019

Hard Soft Off The Gates

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Microsoft provided the earnings results people needed and send it over the $1 trillion dollar market cap.

However, as with after market earnings what will happen over the next hours before US market opens will determine the fate of the effect of earnings on MSFT stocks.

We should be in for a strong move on the opening to the upside with its earnings above expectation.

Were you Tesla-ed?

Tesla on the flip side blew everyone’s expectation of just how much they can lose in a quarter.

With an expected loss of $0.69, it blew people minds with a $2.90 loss per share instead.

This should move TSLA stocks for sure tonight. The weird thing is will it be a positive move or negative move for the stock? The results says negative but it could somehow be weirdly taken by people as the “worst is over”. We shall see!

Bounce Bounce Bounce…

Looks like the earnings should give the markets a recovery from yesterday’s small slide but we have many more earnings to come so it’s anyone’s guess right now in the midst of earnings season.

Lots of Risks Out There

There is truly lots of risk out there as the S&P 500 continues to climb like how it is now.

We see utility sector stocks being bidded up which signals a defensive move in the market place and also a move in the VIX as well which highlights threats remain in store for the unexpected.

24 April 2019

Earnings Galore!

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Earnings is the game play now as we hit the peak of the earnings season this week with “heavy guns” slinging all around all week.

With a strong positivity in the companies that took their turn with their earnings yesterday night help provide the fuel the market needed to go for a new high.

Out of the gates and upward we go was the tune for the day.

Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy

As many stocks begin to climb to their new highs or old highs again? Is this the time to be fearful as it seems others are getting greedy?

Or is this the time to be greedy while others are still fearful despite the strong economy and earnings being displayed to us?

A Warning Bell

Before anyone gets over-excited about what the market has done in the last week, the market does exhibit some signs of danger lurking on the sides for anyone too gung-ho and fearless.

The VIX or volatility index is not partaking in this move at all.

The volatility index which measures the fear in the market did not show the usual significant drop as we would see on such a great up day in the market with the S&P 500 index.

This could be the warning shot that the professionals are not convinced with this move that is going on right now.

Does this mean the market will turn very soon? No, it does not indicate the time but it highlights the threat apparent in the market place right now.

Microsoft Up In The Clouds

Microsoft broke to new highs and its recent optimism send stock prices into the cloud space just like how the company is fast becoming and positioned to be one of the biggest player in the cloud space.

IBM which recently announced less than expected earnings but still showed a significant increase in revenue in the cloud space for the business would signal well for Microsoft as it head into its own earnings announcement this week.

However, with the stock already making such an exponential move prior to it’s earnings, will we be seeing a less than “expected” crazy earnings results that can produce the shot in the foot effect on its stock prices?

What we see now is a stock that is priced for perfection, this means if the earnings that come out is anything less than that would be seen as a negative and a sell off may ensue.

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May Your Longs Go Up & Shorts Go Crashing
Terence Tan
The IMPossible Investor

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