Will Your Future You Thank You?

 A person who does not protect his or her health in any way will never be wealthy.



Invest in your health. Do not allow your health to be a liability to your assets. When you are feeling unwell, you are physically and mentally incapable of taking care of your investments. Besides, if you face a serious health condition, you might be depleting your investment funds so as to compensate for any medical fees. Always remember that you are the ATM machine and you have to be functioning well as the keeper and growth of your money.


Lead a healthy lifestyle. Your stock-picking is based on how sound your intellectual framework is. For example, lack of sleep and indulging in the vices impact your decision-making skills, productivity, and focus as an investor. An investor should already know that his or her mental power is the hallmark of investing. This is self-explanatory.


For any insurance you get, especially life insurance, you pay a premium monthly and let the money compound. It is best to buy early. It is also a form of investment, because at any point in time, you can terminate it with partial withdrawal of the amount you put in. Insure yourself first before you invest. Life is full of unpredictable predicaments. It is to a form of responsibility to yourself and your loved ones as well.


We have reminded you to stay healthy and protect your health. Be healthy in your mind, feed your brain cells with valuable knowledge and make ethical financial decisions. Exercise regularly, eat well and sleep well; in order to attend to financial goals physically. Financially protect your health now so as to prevent financial distress in times of predicaments.

Without health, there is no you. Without you, there is no wealth.


Jade Lee is the Chief Editor of Giants Learning Technologies. Her life purpose is to help; thus committing to youths like herself through articles regarding early financial planning. Jade is an alumnus of Ngee Ann Polytechnic where she attained a Diploma with Merit in Early Childhood Education, having dedicated three years in understanding preschool children. Under a scholarship, she reads Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Nanyang Technological University. Jade is also a commercial model and engages in Hip-Hop dance. Find out more about her insights via jade@theageofgiants.net


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